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Journeying Forward – Pilot Complete

Sorcle ran Journeying Forward for the first time on the 8th of November 2017. Facilitated by Kelvin and Hartley, 10 people signed up to learn more about improving their relationships. The feedback we’ve received has been very positive.  Participants enjoyed:

” Very friendly facilitators”

“The different ways of looking at emotions + listening to everyone’s viewpoints”

“The information on DBT, sharing stories, info on emotion and love languages”

We’re currently working on more group programs which we hope to run in the new year so keep on eye on the website and follow us on Facebook ( to find out when they’re being run.

Until then, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kelvin & Hartley

Posters, Business Cards and The Team

Long overdue update.

I self-taught myself some Photoshop and WordPress design skills and have created a more firm base for which Sorcle can operate. It’s much more satisfying than paying someone to do it for you!

For the poster, I initially got teajay23 from fivver who provided me with over 4 different designs (most of them great). Oh. And 4 more revisions. The final product  was this:

For $5, you really cannot complain. I tipped her $15 because she deserved it (and we should all be paying people a fair wage). Given her fast turnaround time, I think $20 USD for 30min worth of work is pretty decent.

Poster Screenshot

The left one is the final version

I then edited it myself into this: Lets see how many people this will attract! If I get 4-6, it can run.

Business Cards: Free “Simple Business Card” design by BlinVarfi from the Envato April Giveaway!

Business Cards Screenshot

Website updates : Installed TLP Team Pro  to have a team page displayed. I definitely plan on getting more people to help out with either facilitation, program planning or web design. But first – to be my own guinea pig and run the program solo first. I truly hope that at the very least Sorcle can give opportunities to  students out there who need experience in the field.

Logo: Changed from this (also from fivver) to this.

Screenshot of Logo


Next time, I hope to have news about registration numbers and proof-reading the facilitation manual.


First Update

Sorcle’s website is now online! After weeks of learning WordPress, the basic skeleton of the website is complete. In the coming weeks, I will be replacing the lorem ipsum with actual text and improving the visuals of the website.

The first program, Journeying Forward is still a work in progress. The facilitation manual is about half done, the promotional poster is nearly complete by the designer (TeaJay26 on Fiverr) and the booking of a place won’t happen until the website is more rounded.

Moving forward, I hope to get a finalised poster by the end of this week, with the manual done in about two weeks.

Then I can finally register a place and start getting participants!


Founder, Sorcle