Posters, Business Cards and The Team

Long overdue update.

I self-taught myself some Photoshop and WordPress design skills and have created a more firm base for which Sorcle can operate. It’s much more satisfying than paying someone to do it for you!

For the poster, I initially got teajay23 from fivver who provided me with over 4 different designs (most of them great). Oh. And 4 more revisions. The final product  was this:

For $5, you really cannot complain. I tipped her $15 because she deserved it (and we should all be paying people a fair wage). Given her fast turnaround time, I think $20 USD for 30min worth of work is pretty decent.

Poster Screenshot

The left one is the final version

I then edited it myself into this: Lets see how many people this will attract! If I get 4-6, it can run.

Business Cards: Free “Simple Business Card” design by BlinVarfi from the Envato April Giveaway!

Business Cards Screenshot

Website updates : Installed TLP Team Pro  to have a team page displayed. I definitely plan on getting more people to help out with either facilitation, program planning or web design. But first – to be my own guinea pig and run the program solo first. I truly hope that at the very least Sorcle can give opportunities to  students out there who need experience in the field.

Logo: Changed from this (also from fivver) to this.

Screenshot of Logo


Next time, I hope to have news about registration numbers and proof-reading the facilitation manual.


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