What does our Counselling Service offer you?

Using a strength-based, solution-focused approach, we aim to create a safe environment for people from all walks of life to manage and resolve their issues.

Whether you are a full-time worker, a carer or justĀ find it hardĀ to get to appointments because of commitments, we have developed this service for you.

Where can I go?

We can provide counselling over the telephone, Skype, in one of our consulting rooms or even at your residence*.

How much does it cost?

The first session is free. Subsequent sessions are $45 each. Each session goes for one hour.

We believe the first session is when you decide whether or not the counsellor is suitable for your needs and as such, there should not be a cost!

What is the process of getting counselling?

Feel out the registration form below and a counsellor will contact you to arrange an appointment.

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Mobile No:*
When is the best time to contact you:

Image sourced from "Coaching and Counselling" by Sander van der Wel is licensed under CC BY 2.0